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Everybody needs a little help, and this is one way to help yourself and others. is a platform conceptualized to provide ease in creating your own eCommerce website where in you can sell goods and even offer services online like major brands—which is efficient, accessible, sensible, and economical.

You see, having a website is quite a feat when it comes to having a business. It gives off the idea that you are legitimate and you really mean business. Before, it wasn’t considered a necessity because people prefer to visit shops and stores so that they can see the products and services for themselves. Let’s admit it, time has changed almost everything and technology had made it easier for us, wherein we can check and buy what we want, anytime, and anywhere. Cost-efficient for both consumers and producers, to buy, sell, and even resell what we have and that’s what we are aiming to hone for you —the ease of technology, benefiting you and everyone else.

Making it effortless for you to handle your business by making the buyer’s experience hasslefree, without the typical inconveniences of utilizing social media as a selling platform and the overwhelming information you have to filter out in marketplaces or shopping apps. Having a sleek and simple online store steers away your buyers from the hassles of having long conversations, going through so many options, and having that fear if the seller is legitimate or not. Your website would give them what they want and more, fast and easy.

We’re viewing this in both perspectives, as a buyer and a seller. This will be optimized for you, at the same time, we look out for the people whom you would be encountering while you run your business. We have our own experiences in using online shopping platforms, both good and bad, and having that said, we have taken those things into account— to be used to optimize both the user interface and user experience. Our goal is getting what we want and what we need with just a few clicks and keyboard taps. Encouraging your buyers to not only be a go-getter, but to know better.

Why an online store is better for your business

So, Buyanihan had come up with a list of the essentials in selling online. This list includes brand management, product management, business management, and customer service management and we will help you out with all of them. This makes selling 100% more efficient rather than just sticking to a brick-and-mortar business. Having this option makes your business more approachable, attractive, and down-to-earth in so many ways.

We have listed four essentials that having an online store has to have, in a way these are considered advantages as well. We have gathered information from both sellers and buyers as to what they think are important and these sums all those up.

Brand Management: Knowing What Every Juan Wants
We picked out a neutral design and layout so you don’t pull hairs trying to decide which one to use. This lets you focus on what’s important, the content. Aside from the website aesthetics, we are mindful of the information that you present on your online store. Knowing what consumers want to immediately see on the website determines how you should present your business to them. This includes, the basic information about your business, the type of products or services you provide, the physical store or the business’s location, and the available payment and delivery methods. These are vital to how a visitor of a website would turn into a customer.

Product Management: Giving What Every Juan Needs
The power of the visual presentation of a product gives justice to the cost of product photography, and print and television advertisements— they make use think that we need what we see, hence we buy them. By having a clean and enticing online catalog, by which you would help us set up, we would make every Juan think that what you show them is necessary that they are compelled to buy them. As an online seller, you need to be open to the fact that the products and services that you offer are not entirely unique, what we need to be mindful of is how we differentiate yours from all the others in the market.

Business Management: From Step One to Juan
Buyanihan offers three key features that an efficient online store has which are: having an online shopping cart system, a number of available payment methods, and having multiple delivery options. An online shopping cart would be equally beneficial to the buyer and to you as the seller for it lessens the time spent on placing orders and increasing the time to browse through the website. Aside from it being user-friendly, the accuracy it entails more fulfilled orders hence providing great customer experience. Now, having multiple options to both payment and delivery methods gives the buyers the sense of accessibility and this encourages them to purchase the products or avail your services since they can easily pay and receive them the way they want it.

The information on their orders would be readily available to you as the seller because we have an up-to-date and detailed list of all transactions that occur on the website at your fingertips. This includes information from the placing the order up until the buyer receives their order. Having an efficient and elaborate system to monitor transactions ensures that once an order is placed it gets to the buyer intact and on time. Those three features lessens the time spent on placing orders which can eventually used to purchase more— more time, more money.

Customer Service Management: Valuing Every Juan
Having a simple and structured website, or a customized and constructed one provides a more direct and simple approach to selling and providing services that ensures a great customer experience. The simplicity or exclusivity of it makes your customers feel that they are well taken cared of and that you value their needs more than making profit. As we, provide you with a cost-efficient system, we get rid of the occurrence of overlooked or missed orders, and this in effect, would establish a reputable, trustworthy business that not only provides quality products, but also quality service.

We offer two plans that would help you get started

Ecommerce Website
Unlimited Products
Unlimited Users
Easy Product Management
Multiple Payment Options
Delivery Option

Shared Domain

A Plan to Start Small

You can do anything if you are willing to start small. With Plan A, you can start with having us by your side while you build a name for yourself. Your name will be presented next to ours, as we introduce you to your reach.

Simple and Structured

To start you off, you will have a simple and structured user interface that is best to use for quick and easy business transactions, updates, and showcasing your products and services for your consumers. Stable and secure, you will find your site user-friendly, by which people who visit the site can do a lot with a few clicks and scrolls.
Personalized Domain

A Plan to Think Big

If you think big, you get big. Since you're aiming for a good start, why not choose to aim for something bigger? Create how your name would be by how you want it to be. Let's turn your thoughts into actions, and actions into something greater.

Customizable and Constructed

Given that the Plan to Think Big is customizable, you can have your blueprint and have a site created to your liking. With advanced features that would best suit your business and reach your consumers through a platform that would best cater to them. These enhanced capabilities would increase profit and market stability.

How can you help others?

Efficient: Value everyone's time

Individuals and enterprises should provide their consumers with results, and an efficient system would help to make their experience hassle-free. This would ensure that your business will make customers happy, and a happy experience is always a shared experience.

Accessible: Be within their reach

People nowadays are always on their phones and gadgets. With that being said, you have to be where they are. Having the power of technology brings you closer to the market. With this, you would be just a tap or a click away when they need you.

Sensible: Make sense

Being smart about your business comes accross with the first impression. If your target market understands you, they will not hesitate to trust you—and being a trusted business is a huge advantage.

Economical: Save them money

Anyone who saves money is planning to spend it on something else—be part of that plan. Help them save and also be one of what they spend on. Consumers tend to spend more on products and services that increase savings because it gives them opportunities to get more.

How can you help us?

Buyanihan is an ecommerce platform that is open to your ideas.

Whether it is to build your own business, build our business better, or help others build their own. We all need helping hands to lift each other up. Now we need yours. Share our page and help others find help with their small businesses with big hearts. If you want to help build our business better, we are open to your comments and suggestions.

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